Master Thesis | Architecture

Norwegian University of Science and Technology | 2020

Architectural Learning

Towards a digital activation of our past

Welcome to the Space Laboratory

The space laboratory is a digital presentation space. It has been created to tell the story of an exploration made into the topics of architecture and artificial intelligence. The work presented is the result of a research and design process at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, Norway. It was completed between January and May 2020, within a timeline of 18 weeks. The project totals 30 ECTS and is the final part of a master's program in architecture.

With the outbreak of covid-19, and the following shut-down of university campuses, our graduating class of 2020 have been faced with the interesting challenge of presenting our projects without any traditional personal presence. However, the project’s process has been meaningfully characterized by exploration and experimentation. It is therefore, perhaps, somewhat fitting to place the project within the space of an architectural laboratory. And with respect to its content, even more so within a digital one.

All sections of the thesis, and its presentation, are available directly from the menu on the top right corner of the site. To move within the space, use the mouse scroll wheel. Holding the ctrl or the cmd key, while scrolling, will zoom your view in and out. This can give you a better view of some of the largest illustrations along the journey. To read the full thesis in sequence, please follow the blue project buttons to take you through the different rooms presenting the work.

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